10 things people with AdSense should do

File:Logo de Google AdSense.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

10 things someone with an AdSense account should do:
1. Combine Google ads with web content and let ads add color to your web pages

2. Write original articles, which can make your website unique and fresh

3) The article or content should be related to the topic of the webpage

4. The content of the website can answer viewers’ questions or provide information to meet their needs

5. Experiment to verify which position is most suitable for placing ads

6. Optimize Google's ads to match the colors of your website

7. Choose the size of the ad to match the layout of your web page

8. Write down effective methods

9. Place the advertisement in a place that attracts attention

10. Regularly update and add the content of the webpage

As long as you follow the rules, your chicken that lays golden eggs will bring you wealth.

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