Practical methods on how to build your own independent website

Hello everyone, and welcome you to check my blog site. Whether you are here for the first time or have been following us, we welcome you. Topeval this website is mainly to share more practical knowledge. Over the past many years, my tutorial has helped many novices to make a professional website with zero foundation, including: foreign trade SOHO, foreign trade mall, corporate website, company website, personal website, independent blog, and sales website, etc. We also answered tens of thousands of questions in FB, email, and website messages.

When you can make a website in one hour, why would you spend thousands, or even tens of thousands, to hire someone to do it? Whether it is a personalized website or website maintenance is very simple, no need to learn any programming code knowledge.

I have many years of experience in the field of website construction. In the past, building a website required writing code, which took a long time to do. In this era, few people spend a lot of time writing code to build websites.

So how to quickly build any type of website in 2021?

No matter what type of website you build (foreign trade website, shopping mall website, corporate website, blog website, forum website, classified website, or other website), you need three elements: domain name (website URL), space (web hosting space) ) And website system procedures (website establishment system CMS, such as WordPress). In the past few years, the websites were basically made by WordPress. Now 38% of the websites are made by WordPress, and the number is still growing.

Where can I buy the domain name and hosting space? Choose a domain name from a company you trust to buy, or choose a domain name platform that most people use to register and apply.

No matter where you are in the world, choose a hosting provider you trust. No matter where you are, viewers or customers can quickly browse your website.

You can complete a professional website in very little time. I will share how to build a WordPress website later, you just need to follow my steps, no need to learn programming, fast and simple (I will also give you an example to let you build a website quickly).

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