Can a blog be used for marketing? What are the steps required for blog marketing?

When we are ready to use blog marketing to market our own brand, what should we do? Next, the editor will share with you the five steps of blog marketing.

(1) Choose a blog hosting website and open a blog account. That is, choose a blog marketing platform suitable for the company and obtain the qualification to publish blog articles. Generally speaking, you should choose a blog hosting website with a relatively large number of visits and a high reputation. These data can be analyzed and judged based on the Alexa ( global website ranking system and other information. For a professional blog website in a certain field, The amount of visits should be considered while also considering its influence in this field. For websites with higher influence, the credibility of their blog content is correspondingly higher. If necessary, you may also choose to register on multiple blog hosting sites.

(2) Develop a medium and long-term blog marketing plan. The main content of this plan includes the plan of personnel engaged in blog writing, the choice of each person's writing field, and the publishing cycle of blog posts. Because the content of blog writing has greater flexibility and randomness, the blog marketing plan is actually not a strict "corporate marketing article release schedule", but a reference to evaluate blog marketing from a relatively long period of time.

(3) Build a suitable blog environment and insist on blog writing. Regardless of whether a person or a blog team, to ensure the long-term value of blog marketing, you need to persevere in writing. One or two blogs of a company occasionally publish a few corporate news or blog articles are not enough to achieve the purpose of blog marketing. Therefore, if blog marketing is truly incorporated into the corporate marketing strategy system, it is necessary for companies to create a suitable blog environment and adopt a reasonable incentive mechanism.

(4) Comprehensive utilization of blog resources and other marketing resources. Blog marketing is not independent, but only an integral part of corporate marketing activities. At the same time, the resources of blog marketing can also play more roles. As mentioned above, the content of blog posts is combined with corporate website content strategies and other media resources. Therefore, the rational use of blog content resources has become an indispensable work content for blog marketing.

(5) Evaluate the effect of blog marketing. Like other marketing strategies, it is also necessary to track and evaluate the effects of blog marketing, and constantly improve the blog marketing plan based on the problems found, so that blog marketing can play its due role in the corporate marketing strategy system. As for the evaluation method of the effect of blog marketing, there is also no complete evaluation mode at present, but you can refer to the evaluation methods of other methods of network marketing.

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