Do you know the Google Publisher Toolbar?

Google Publisher Toolbar (Google Publisher Toolbar)

View the data about AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DFP Advertising System Ads and Accounts, as well as unappropriate ads on your website. Whether you are using an AdSense ad, Ad Exchange Advertising or DFP Advertising Management System Advertising, you can use the Google Purchaser Toolbar to view information about your Google Ads, Shield inappropriate ad Material, and view the account overview.

Google Publisher Toolbar

The Google Publisher toolbar adds a superposition layer to each Google ad, which provides some basic information about the ad, including ad size, display URL, and advertiser name. Clicking the superposition layer will generate an "Advert Details" pop-up window, which contains more detailed data, including:

1. Point link to the target web page of the advertisement to achieve security clicks.

2. About the summary report of the advertising unit, contains the number of clicks, and exhibits revenue and estimates income, and estimates income.

3. The name of the buyer.

4. Display the advertisement website.

In the "Advertising Details" pop-up window, you can also take steps to shield your ads, website or advertising alliances for unwanted advertising materials, or send feedback to Google.

Click the Google Purchaser Toolbar icon to generate an "Account Overview" pop-up window, which provides useful summary information, including:

Today, yesterday, this month or last month account estimates the income summary.

Today, yesterday, the five major channels and five websites in the past 7 days, the best results were arranged in the order of revenue.

Using the Google Purchaser toolbar, you can easily access your account overview, more deeply understand the ads on the web, and can manage your creatives without leaving the site.

How to install Google Publisher Toolbar

To use the Google Publisher toolbar, you need to install the toolbar first, then allow it to access the Google account associated with your account. The installation steps are as follows:

1. Visit the Google Publisher Toolbar of the Chrome online store (provided by Google).
2. Click to add to the Chrome browser.
3. In the dialog box display, click Add. The "Google Publisher Toolbar" icon will be added to your browser in the upper right corner of your browser.
4. Click the "Google Publisher Toolbar" icon.
5. Click to allow the GOOGLE Publisher toolbar to access your account permissions.
6. Log in to the Google account associated with your account.

In your Chrome browser window, click the icon in the top right corner of the browser to view the account effect. After installing the Google Publisher toolbar, you don't have to take any further operations to get the toolbar update.

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