Four best ways to access Gmail without a client

This article will introduce you to the 4 best ways to access Gmail without searching in Google.

1: Email client

If you need to check email frequently, or you are not familiar with Webmail clients, a desktop email client is a good choice. No need to open a browser, just enter, click the link, and wait for Gmail to load, just open your email client and your account will be there.

In addition to taking your Gmail account offline to your computer, email clients usually include various other features that can increase your productivity and email usage. The list of available email clients is long, so here we have listed the most popular email clients for Mac, Windows and Linux.

For example, allowing users to manage multiple Gmail accounts from one window or even one unified inbox, but or cannot be achieved. Again, this is very effective for people who use multiple accounts.

In addition, e-mail clients usually do not need a continuous or reliable Internet connection to check e-mail. They do this by synchronizing with your account regularly, similar to how cloud storage works.

In other words, the client uses your stored credentials or access token (a stored security string that is used to verify your identity and grant your application access to the Webmail program, allowing it to manage your email) Visit your email provider's server for any new emails and dispatch all the emails you send in your email client.

It's not all

People can use several other methods to check their Gmail account, including using browser extensions (you can read more about browser extensions here). However, the above method represents the most popular method (and is more effective than typing or https //

Why use an email client

They can take your mail experience to the next level. If your browser has trouble loading Gmail, please use a stable email client (e.g. Mailbird). Most importantly, you can export and manage email addresses in one inbox. This feature makes it the fastest, most modern and stable email client in the world.

2: Enter in the address bar

this is correct. Especially if you are not familiar with the Internet, you may be surprised to learn that you (usually) don't need to include the nasty "www". When entering the website address.

The vast majority of websites contain www and non-www variants of their address, because usually the website owner is redirected from a website to the preferred version. Therefore, you may notice that sometimes, the website name you enter with "www" will take you to a page without that name.

This does not mean that you have gone to the wrong website or have any problems. Just set the website to redirect users to one or the other-www or non-www. no difference.

Https secure connection for

It is also worth pointing out that many websites are beginning to use more secure protocols to protect their sites and users. The agreement is represented by "https". This means that the network connection between you and the website is secure; this is not the cause of the alert, quite the opposite. In fact, you should be wary of entering or providing any details or logging into any account on the website without https or a secure connection.

3: Add a bookmark on

It can be said that bookmarks are arguably the most popular way to quickly access Gmail, and it is a good way for you to access regularly visited websites with one click. The bookmarks are located in your browser and can be synchronized between all devices using the same browser and browser account.

You can add bookmarks to your Gmail inbox by logging into Gmail and adding bookmarks to the inbox page. If you need to reference them later, you can also bookmark individual messages.

Add a single email as a bookmark preview in Chrome.

4: Browser application

Especially Chrome browser, there are many popular applications, including applications for Gmail. Just like on a smartphone, these applications allow you to quickly and easily manage your Gmail account outside of your browser.

The official Gmail application only serves as a bookmark. However, using it as an application does allow you to add some default settings, such as opening it in a new browser window or full-screen window.

Screen view of the Chrome browser app

For more information about the application, click the settings or options menu in your browser. You should be able to find them. Otherwise, you can use any search engine to search for information.

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