If you want to open a store on Amazon, these useful tools are definitely useful?

It is not easy to open a store on Amazon alone. At present, there are many supporting tools on the market to deal with store opening and operation problems. When we want to open a store, which Amazon "shop assistants" should we generally use? Next, I recommend some commonly used tools:

1, Camel camel camel

It is a completely free tool that provides a wealth of resources and information for Amazon sellers, especially useful for sellers. This is basically a website with guides, news, tips, plugins, and downloads to help sellers do business on Amazon.

2. Keyworx

keyworx is a keyword tracking tool specially designed for Amazon sellers. High-quality keywords can make products have a higher ranking in Amazon user search, allowing more potential customers to see the products, thereby increasing the chance of sales.

3. Amazon Seller App

APP Amazon Seller can search the current product price, sales ranking, competitive product offer and seller review through text search or scan product QR code. Just like the global transaction assistant, it is very suitable for new users and is free.

4. ProfitBandit

ProfitBandit is a paid tool that is suitable for sellers who want to deepen their Amazon business. It is $15 per month and is also relatively affordable. It has preset filters that can automatically calculate the profit and loss of store products. There are also some other functions, such as marking items as "collectible" and competitor analysis in the application.

5. UnicornSmasher

UnicornSmasher is an analysis tool that can provide a wealth of resources and data reports to help sellers conduct market research, understand products, understand competitors’ sales, and consumers’ psychological expectations of prices, help stores maintain healthy profits and increase sales amount.

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