Recommended five low-cost ways to become a Youtuber are here

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog site. Today I want to share with you how to quickly become a Youtuber at low cost.

Why do I recommend everyone to become a youtuber

Because from a creator’s point of view, it is more than just writing to earn passive income.

One is dynamic passive income: passive income created by using time.

One is static passive income: passive income created by using money.

At the same time youtuber is a way to earn passive income.

Everyone will think that being a youtuber requires a lot of money to buy cameras, microphones and so on. In fact, it is not the case. Here is the cheapest combination kit for you.

1. Choose a smartphone that you like (the one with high front lens pixels)

You will definitely say that the first device is super expensive, it’s not cheap at all, but what I mean is to ask you to use it. Although the APPLE iPhone is absolutely great, you can actually choose it yourself. I like a mobile phone, but it is recommended to choose a mobile phone with a higher pixel front lens, because if you are doing a youtuber selfie by yourself, you will use the front lens to shoot, unless you are sure that someone will be responsible for taking pictures for you.

2. Mobile phone holder

It can help you, the shooting is kept in a horizontal state, can be on the external fill light, car machine bracket...

3. Mini hand camera tripod

Don’t buy a mobile phone holder randomly. I went to a mobile phone accessories store and bought a cheap mobile phone holder. It broke in less than a month. The terrible thing is that there is still a chance to fall on the phone. Choose this yourself.

4. Microphone

I recommend a BOYA BY-MM1 directional microphone. Check it out for yourself. It will record in one direction, so it can reduce the noise in the surrounding environment. The sound quality is also good. Of course, it is not as good as 3~4000. Microphone, but more than 1,000 pieces of this quality, the CP value is really out of the table.

5. Fill light

If you want to shoot indoors, it is recommended to buy a stand-up fill light. If it is outdoor, you can buy a small fill light. I don’t think you need to buy a fill light. You can buy it if you need it.

How to operate a youtube channel

Replace creation with records.

Look for cooperation to develop creative projects.

Title: Keyword optimization, whether it reflects the content, whether it is attractive or not.

Description: Are there any related videos, other community links, and subscription links attached?

Thumbnail: Whether it conforms to the subject content and whether the text of the thumbnail is clear.

Topic tags: At least ten are required, whether they reflect the content of the video.

Information card: guide the flow of other videos of your own.

How to find the "keyword title"?

Please go to the following URL,

Select youtube and country, enter the subject you want to do.

For example: I want to make a trial, all kinds of dumplings, I will enter dumplings.

There will be keyword suggestions for dumpling skin, dumpling filling, dumpling making method, and dumpling cuisine.

Add attractive text to these keywords, such as dumplings, a simple three-step process, and a big upgrade in deliciousness.

Call To Action

Viewers don’t know when to subscribe to your channel or why they should subscribe.

In the first half of the film, you can add a call to action, asking viewers to subscribe and tell them why.

Why add a call to action in the previous part, because the audience usually won't watch the entire film.

At the end of the screen, place the subscription URL in the place of the information card, and in the information column.

How can YouTube help you work even while sleeping?

If you want YouTube to work for you automatically, you have to let go of your incorrect mentality.

No matter you make any YouTube videos today, you have to think about helping the audience.

You can't just "sell things to the audience". You need to make the audience trust you. You must first provide value to them. The audience trusts you before they believe in the products you recommend.

"Affiliate Marketing": You can resell any product on the affiliate marketing platform and put the link in the YouTube information column to sell.

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