Regarding the operation of the Facebook homepage, you should know these points

Anyone who wants to be an e-commerce company must understand Facebook advertising marketing.

How to play with Facebook marketing and how to make you a big seller of e-commerce?

Management and operation of Facebook homepage

1. Personal homepage & public homepage

01. Personal homepage (private space-not for commercial promotion)

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The personal homepage is composed of five parts: an avatar, a cover photo, a function bar, the expansion of the function area, and a timeline/dynamic information flow.

Personal homepage function

1. Post your own news

2. Friends dynamics

3. Followed public homepage dynamics

4. Dynamics of joined groups

5. Advertisements being placed

02. Public homepage (create fan/brand/business homepage, shape brand image)

The public homepage is also called a fan page, and the functions of the public homepage are roughly divided into 6 parts

1: Advertise on Facebook

2: The credibility of the public homepage

3: Management support

4: Facebook messenger

5: Facebook snapshot

6: Facebook appointment

We can publish advertisements related to our brand on our public homepage, promote our homepage to a suitable user group, accumulate high-quality fans for our homepage, and increase the influence of our brand. If our public homepage is more active and the response is more timely, Facebook will issue us a badge, which will greatly help us to improve our credibility.

03. The connection and difference between personal homepage and public homepage

Simply put, a personal homepage is a private space, and a public homepage is a business space. If the personal account is blocked, the personal account cannot be used; the public homepage can add multiple administrators, and the blocking of an account does not affect the use of the public homepage.

Similarity: Both personal homepage and public homepage can publish dynamics

Difference: Personal homepage cannot be used for commercial promotion

2. Creation and setting of public homepage

Create a public homepage Step 1: Click on the upper right corner to create a homepage

1. If it shows that this account cannot be created, it may be that you have used characters that are not allowed, characters are shorter than 5, or this account has been used by others.

2. The newly created public homepage cannot create an account immediately, and the number of likes of the homepage needs to exceed 25 people.

Create a public homepage Step 2: Click to select the homepage type: business or brand

Create a public homepage Step 3: Improve the basic settings of the public homepage

1. Homepage avatar: It is recommended to use the company's logo, no less than 180*180 pixels.

2. The name of the homepage and the creation of the homepage account: the name is not equal to the URL of the public homepage (change it in the "Introduction" of the homepage).

3. Cover: often change, in line with marketing activities and themes (new & interesting & difference & authority, etc.).

4. Introduction: company type, introduction, story (description), mission, products, website, youtube channel, contact information, email, address, etc.

5. Call to action: guide fans to visitors to do what we expect them to do

Basic settings and precautions for public homepages

1. Activate multi-person management authority (Settings → Homepage User Identity)

2. Download homepage backup to reduce the loss caused by the title; merge duplicate homepages; delete unused homepages (Settings→General Options)

3. Improve the message reply speed of the homepage (Settings→Message (Message Reply Assistant) to customize the reply setting (the reply speed will be displayed on the homepage)

4. Avoid spam/negative comments and other harassment (Settings→Users and other homepages), remove or ban a user who likes it

5. Some businesses (tobacco, alcohol, condoms, etc.) need to set the age limit for visits (settings?? General options?? Age restrictions)

6. Brand Cooperation (Settings→Cross Release)

7. Target audiences with high relevance (Settings→Homepage first share with)

8. Edit homepage (Settings→Edit homepage, select function options, priority display)

9. Other settings

3. Management and operation of public homepage

01. Post management and optimization skills

If you want your posts to get more attention and exposure, you must have post management and optimization skills

Such as: frequently posting new posts, highlighting the call to action button, joining the festival, launching quizzes or prize-winning activities, inviting audiences to make choices, pushing hot posts quickly, sharing industry trends, sharing positive reviews appropriately, adding questions, etc.

02. How to push posts quickly

If we publish a post and feel that the post is good and the response is high, then we can choose to push this post quickly to make this post more exposed.

03. How to use homepage effectiveness analysis tools to analyze the effects of posts

When our homepage fans accumulate to 100, we can use the homepage effectiveness analysis tool to analyze the homepage. (If there are less than 100 fans, the effectiveness analysis effect is not obvious)

Use the homepage performance analysis tool to check the performance analysis in time, you can optimize the content and time of posting posts, etc., pay attention to the increase of fans, reasons and sources, collect fan feedback, check the operations of fans on the homepage, activity participation, and shops Pageviews, etc., through the analysis of these data, we can provide optimization directions for our next actions.

04. Acquisition and operation of fans

We can take the following centralized methods to acquire and operate fans

1. Invite friends to like the homepage (high relevance; suitable for early stage)

2. High-quality posts & activities to accumulate fans

3. The ad account pushes "homepage likes" type ads & other types of ads to naturally increase fans

4. Join groups with similar interests, add friends or send the content of the homepage to the group (pay attention to frequency and avoid excessive marketing)

5. Giveaway activities & create discounts, strengthen relationship intimacy, build loyal fans, otherwise you will drop fans

6. Net celebrity sharing to attract fans (follow related celebrities, receive other related celebrity recommendations, check celebrities followed by celebrities, etc.)

7. Integrate Facebook into a website or shop, and import fans into the homepage synchronously

8. Hashtag (1-4 for benefit) such as: brand exclusive and event/festival tags

In addition, groups are also an important source of fan acquisition. If you are interested, you can read it down~

Extension: Facebook group

1. What is a Facebook group?

The function of Facebook group (group) is an important part of the practical operation. People are social animals. When you encounter questions, in addition to searching, you are asking others or looking for answers in the corresponding groups or forums.

Same point:

① They are all established based on a certain common characteristic or purpose, and the populations, characteristics, and portraits are relatively similar.

②There are managers.

③There are community functions such as group rules, announcements, invitations, and kicking people.

the difference:

① Carrying number of people.

②Privacy authority.


2. Four functions of Facebook group

1. Brand maintenance The members of the group are gathered based on a certain characteristic or purpose, and their values ​​are consistent, which is conducive to the creation of brand loyalty.

2. Activity dissemination Regarding the established user group, there is no need to distinguish between them, and the participation in the promotion of website activities is high.

3. User maintenance Social as the most direct way of communication between people, groups provide customers with a more convenient question feedback platform.

4. Self-defined rules Self-customized rules are not restricted by other groups. As an administrator, you can set the publishing and group type of group content.

3. How to create a Facebook group

1. At least three people, and three people or more can form a group

2. According to the purpose setting, if it is an internal company communication, it can be set as a closed group in the privacy setting, and if it is an industry communication group, it can be set as a public in the privacy setting.

4. Reasons and solutions for the public homepage being blocked

01. Why Facebook was blocked

If our account is blocked, then we have to understand why our homepage is blocked, and then make corresponding adjustments. Ensure the normal application of the fan homepage. There are several specific reasons for being blocked:

1. Infringement: the use of music, images, trademarks, etc. without copyright and permission.

2. Content: Tobacco and alcohol, gambling, or adult-related content and there is no restriction on the age of visitors.

3. Excessive forwarding: not much original content, excessive forwarding.

4. Fraud: The promotional content does not match the actual promotion.


1. Eliminate the use of infringing content, especially music.

2. Pay attention to originality and post regularly.

3. Pay attention to the frequency and quality of advertisements in personal advertising accounts.

4. The name of the bound credit card should be the same, and the IP should be the same as the card issuing place.

02. Facebook blocked solution

If our Facebook fan page is blocked, we can appeal to the official Facebook, you can appeal here for help.

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