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Before doing cross-border e-commerce, I believe that most sellers consider the first question, what should I pass to sell products? After all, it is too much to choose, but in the end, there is no more in the end: Amazon, eBay is the cross-border e-commerce platform headed and sold in SHOPIFY.

Maybe you have already touched a multi-year in Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Wish, etc. The independent building has no website technology and promotion of drainage skills, it has become a smart; or you are just entering the cross-border e-commerce field, he missessed the Amazon's dividend period. At the same time, I didn't want to start doing it. The pit of the e-commerce platform wants to do cross-border e-commerce through an independent self-construction station.

For the above two cases, I want to introduce the independent self-station platform Shopify by the following sects, maybe you can answer your current confusion.

First, what is SHOPIFY?

1. SHOPIFY's origin and development

Shopify's founder Tobias Lütke is a ski enthusiast, starting to sell and provide ski equipment to ski enthusiasts around the world through e-commerce platforms, but he is very fast during sales. It is realized that the e-commerce platform at that time cannot provide personalized shopping experience, so online stores named Snowdevil in 2004, which is the initial name of this Canadian company Shopify.

Later, the goal of Tobias Lütke has gradually changed. He hopes to transform the company into an e-commerce service platform based on SaaS (Software-A-Service, Software,), a user to manage the platform of its online store. So with the help of family, friends and angel investors, Tobias Lütke officially established SHOPIFY in 2006.

SHOPIFY's development process:

2009: Since the introduction of the company's shopping cart system, the retailer on the SHOPIFY platform has reached $ 100 million.

2011: SHOPIFY conducts B-round financing to obtain 15 million US dollars, and SHOPIFY provides 15,000 stores in 80 countries.

2012: SHOPIFY has developed to 40000 stores in 90 countries and regions, with $ 740 million products.

2014: The market value of SHOPIFY is estimated to be $ 1 billion before the end of the year. With more than 100,000 stores and up to $ 3.7 billion sales.

2018: The SHOPIFY merchant collectively earned more than $ 1.5 billion in sales only on November 24th to 26th.

2. How to open a store at Shopify?

Shopify is a platform that allows users to manage online stores. It is a service provider to establish an online store. Paid theme template, introduce store information, upload products, add product description, set price, set shipping, set payment method, etc. Domain name binding. In addition, Shopify also integrates countless free and paid app, which can better improve the sales function of the development of website and enhance the user's shopping experience.

However, it is important to pay attention to an e-commerce platform such as Amazon, eBay. Shopify itself will not bring you any traffic. After Shopify, you need to market, SEO, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram and other social associations. Marketing channels, red marketing, alliance marketing, etc. to promote our own stores to win orders.

2. What are the advantages of Hopify?

(1) Easy to get started:

I personally think this is the biggest reason for the seller like Shopify. It can be said that SHOPIFY is specially built for website technology, you don't need any HTML, CSS and other code bases, just register a account, upload product, with shop template, then make simple logistics collection settings in Shopify. The store is promoted.

(2) High security and reliability:

SHOPIFY is a SAAS (Software Utility Service) mode building platform, which means SHOPIFY's technical team can monitor the network all-day to prevent any hacker attacks. Extra charge. At the same time, SHOPIFY payment security has passed the PCI DSS certification, and can better protect the credit cardholder's data security.

(3) A variety of SHOPIFY themes optional:

SHOPIFY official theme provides 10 free theme templates, 59 paid themes (deadline 2018/12/5); Third-party theme market Themeforst has a total of 720 SHOPIFY topics (cut off 2018/12/5), so SHOPIFY sellers in different industries can choose There are many kinds of topics, and they are self-adaptation, which can achieve perfect compatibility. There is no doubt that professional templates allow your website to get more customer trust and increase the transaction chance.

(4) A variety of SHOPIFY APP optional:
This is also very important reason for Shopify by many sellers. You can understand the Shopify as our smartphone, like the mobile app can be greatly extended to our mobile phone function, the Shopify App can greatly expand our website function and improve work efficiency. You can easily choose to add by the SHOPIFY App Store via the SHOPIFY App Store.

For example, if you want to carry out a generation of Dropshipping, then Oberlo tools can help you choose, import the product to the Shopify store from the speed of the sale; if you want to add other sales channels, you can add Facebook Channel, Instagram Channel et al. App; if you want to carry out mail marketing, you can add MailchImp.

In short, these apps are plug-and-play, after the installation is installed, and the app is free, and the payment of the pay is available for free, I can trial for 1-30 days, binding the SHOPIFY background The credit card is charged, and if you don't want to uninstall it, there will be no additional cost generation.

(5) Free trial 14 days:

SHOPIFY provides a 14-day free trial for novice sellers. During this period, you can quickly build your own shop quickly, then submit credit card information before the end of the free trial, you can rent a monthly 29USD monthly rent. Considering that you don't have to buy or rent a server, you don't have to find a specialist to maintain the server, so this cost is relatively, I think it can be accepted (SHOPIFY opening fee will be launched).

(6) 24/7 support:

Shopify can provide telephone, real-time chat, and email all-day technical support, and you can also check the SHOPIFY Help Center document for more support. English exchange is currently only supported.

3. What product can I sell onshopify?

As long as you are not selling imitation, imitation, contraband, etc., in principle, it can be sold on SHOPIFY standalone station. However, considering the increasing product homogeneration, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other e-commerce platform competition has been hot, so the SHOPIFY selection is best to start from the niche market, and the niche market usually ignores a large company. Some submarine markets, choose the market segment (with scalability) with a growing trend (with scalability) is relatively small, while the profits will be better, and it is also conducive to the long-term development of the Shopify store.

4. What is the cost of SHOPIFY?

(1) monthly rent:

SHOPIFY is currently mainly three paid programs (minimum 9 USD / month's plan does not support online stores), most sellers choose Basic SHOPIFY-29 USD / month, as shown below, the basic function is enough for us to use, Subsequent, if there is a need to upgrade plan, you can change at any time; monthly rent is deducted in your binding credit card at the end of each month, when your credit card account balance is insufficient, or your credit card is invalid, Shopify will stop the website managed service.

(2) Transaction costs

In addition to the monthly package cost, Shopify also charges us 0.5% -2% of transaction costs (non-shopify payment), such as we choose Basic Shopify programs, sell 5000USD a month, then transaction costs are: 5000 * 2% = 100 USD; Here, use Shopify Payment to avoid 2% transaction cost, but requires conditions: US ID card and corresponding US bank account, so if you don't have this channel or need to pay this transaction fee.


Although Shopify can provide more than 1,500 apps to extend online store features, many apps are not free, paying apps are basically charged by month, for example, you want to show beautiful picture, then you need to install looX reviews (monthly fee), then you need to install LOOX REVIEWS 9.99-99.99 USD), 14 days free trial; if you want others to help you sell products to return to their commissions, similar to domestic Taobao guests, then the refersion plugin can help you, the monthly fee is 19-89 USD / month, 14-day free trial; of course, many free apps are equally excellent, such as instant chat App-Tidio Live Chat, mail marketing tool mailchimp, urge customers to quickly order tools, COUNTDOWN CART, etc. Subsequent articles will recommend some excellent Shopify App to everyone.

(4) SHOPIFY theme fees

As mentioned earlier, although Shopify officially provided 10 free themes, the remaining 59 models were paid themes. At present, the topic is basically at least 140USD, up to 180USD, one-time payment, life use, the same fee is tied in you Deduction in the credit card; but the third-party market Themeforest topic price is relatively low, there are many 60USDs to get it, the relevant SHOPIFY theme content can be viewed. Different articles: How to choose to purchase the Shopify theme and the SHOPIFY theme installation demo.

(5) SHOPIFY store promotion fee

Different from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other e-commerce platforms, Shopify itself has no traffic, which requires us to obtain some payment promotion in addition to obtaining natural traffic through the store content, SEO keyword optimization, etc., there is still some payment promotion, the current SHOPIFY seller main Promote the store through Facebook advertising, Google Advertising, Red Marketing, Alliance Marketing. Therefore, we must calculate this part of the fee when we calculate the cost.

(6) PayPal payment and Stripe payment fee

At present, the most receipt method of domestic SHOPIFY sellers is PayPal and Stripe (some also use 2Checkout). Take PayPal first, according to our sales, PayPal will charge the transaction fee, and call PayPal rate, different sales per month, the rate is also different.

For example, we sell 3000USD every month, the fee charged for PayPal is 3000 * 4.4% + 0.3 USD = 132.3 USD; if more than 3000USD, such as 3000.01USD, then cost is 3000 * 3.9% + 0.3 = 117.3USD. In addition, the fee paypal will be charged according to 35USD; if you use Stripe collection, charge the transaction fee is 3.4% + 2.35HK $, if you have more than $ 1 million, Stripe can be 1% cheap.

5.Shopify vs Magneto, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Zencart

First, in this case, I only have used Shopify and WooCommerce, and several other shopping cart systems have not been used. Before comparing, let's first look at the heat and trend of these shopping cart systems, it is obvious that Shopify has always been Market heat and trend are special outstanding. This is a big relationship with it simple and easy to get started.

(1) MAGENTO: A professional open source e-commerce system is currently known as the most flexible e-commerce platform. At the same time, Magento is also considered to be the most practical and most complete e-commerce website structure worldwide. It is one of the international e-commerce solutions, like Nike, IKEA and other brand websites use the Magento system.

However, MAGNENTO requires very high requirements for website technicians, and requires an extremely professional software personnel to build a shop, and it is very high for server configuration requirements, which greatly adds our construction cost, and also requires professional personnel to maintain the website. So if you don't have a certain technical background and a professional team, it is more difficult to use the Magento.

(2) WooCommerce:

WooCommerce is actually a plugin for WordPress. We all know that WordPress is an open source programming program that can be used to build blogs, corporate websites, etc. , Product lists, shopping carts, payments, coupons, inventory management, sales records, etc. are all available.

Easy to use:
WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, not as SHOPIFY, you can have a building. This means that you need to pick up the owner or server before you start using WooCommerce, install the WordPress website, configure the database, and use WooCommerce if you install WordPress. This is really expensive for people who do not have the foundation base.

Relative to Shopify, considering WordPress is an open source program, WordPress-based plug-in woocommerce customization degree will be higher, there are many WordPress third-party software developers on the market, whether you want your website more beautiful and professional, Increase sales channels such as Facebook, make mail marketing, shopping carts, etc., you can find some resources on the website, but you will also spend a lot of time and energy.

WooCommerce is completely free, but you need to buy domain names and hosts (if the virtual host configuration is low, you can't guarantee the site speed); you need to purchase an additional SSL certificate; at the same time, no matter whether you choose PayPal collection or other Stripe, you can also pay the fee; WordPress also charges the extension App will usually be higher than Shopify similar products, but they usually sell in a one-time purchase, rather than paying monthly. So even if the WooCommerce software is free, the cost in actual use is not very different from Shopify, and use woocommerce, you may have to consider the additional extension of the SEO optimization, more payment gateway and the like. These extensions usually require a certain fee.

As mentioned earlier, it is unquest to provide Shopify security. Unlike the SHOPIFY hosting website, the challenges faced by WordPress on website security will be relatively large, easier to be stared by hackers. If there is no technical team, if there is no technical team, once the website There is a problem, and the loss will be extremely heavy.

Summarize, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce is a very good shopping cart system. Of course, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best for you is the best.

In addition, for OpenCART and PRESTASHOP, ZENCART shopping cart system, considering that I have not actually used, I will not go to it later, I can learn more about online search.

6. Conclusion:

Through the content of the above article, I believe that you have some understanding of Shopify, if you are looking for a shopping cart system that is easy to get started, I want to build my own independent online store to carry out international sales, I believe Shopify can meet your current development need.

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