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Thanks to the friends who have always encouraged me to create, as well as the friends who have silently liked me and the netizens who have never met. You have given me a great motivation to create.

Each of us has a dream of being a writer since we were young. When we were young, we wanted to write good articles. When we grow up, we also want to write all kinds of practical articles. As a professional worker, I especially want to write professional articles and spread my professional ideas and methods. Let me introduce a systematic professional article writing method.

First, docking hotspots

Hot spots can include: current or upcoming popular movies and TV series; popular songs; holidays; periodic special days, celebrities, etc.

You can usually take advantage of the hot spots through the title and the opening of the article

The purpose of using hot spots is to attract readers

Second, scene substitution

Usually at the beginning of the article, you can bring readers into the time and space they are interested in, attract readers, and make it easier for readers to understand the professional articles you have created

The purpose of substituting the scene is to attract readers

Third, who is it? Who can make the readers trust

It is usually the main body part, so that the reader understands the people behind the knowledge. It's about whether you can trust, share and spread the readers

The purpose is to convince the reader

Fourth, why read? What problem can be solved for readers

Through the logical thinking of the article, the article structure or the subtitle, the reader feels that this article is worth reading because it can really solve his problem.

Articles must have "problem awareness" to trigger reading action

Fifth, how to do it? Cumulative trust

The body part, which can accumulate readers’ trust in the creator for a long time

How to do it, that is to say, how is this knowledge created, discovered and evolved

The purpose is to convince the reader

Sixth, the result

The conclusion of the article, the "possibility" of correctly conveying the conclusion. Sometimes, although there is no definite conclusion, the reader’s sense of trust in you will increase

The effect of the conclusion is to convince the reader

Seventh, outlook

Conclusion of the article, future outlook

Trigger action

Eighth, feel

The reason why we want to write and share is to hope that readers will have some emotions after reading these articles, and we also hope that this emotion can lead readers to take some actions, the so-called actions here are not just readers Take actions to change, including actions to make readers willing to share and spread your article

So we have to give readers a motivation to act, and the best factor to stimulate action is emotion

Pay attention to the communication of feelings and incorporate feelings into the article

You can also actively encourage readers to like or bookmark and share this article with those in need

You can also ask readers some interesting extended questions and ask them to respond

You can also hold on to the topic of the article, and then use aggressive or negative ways to encourage readers to express their feelings

Ninth, reference data

Purpose To convince readers that reference materials are the last key to let readers decide whether this article is worthy of trust

With reference data, readers will actually feel that this author is very caring, very open, and very frank. He dared to let readers examine the data used in his writing, which means that the author is also very professional.

The first way is to use hyperlinks to give you the source directly in each paragraph.

The second way is to list all reference data after the end of the article

Tenth, pictures and videos

Article reading rhythm

The purpose is to attract readers, let readers relax and stay attractive

Pay attention to the layout of graphics, text, video, subtitles, color matching, etc.

As a professional, what do you think after reading it? Do you have the creative impulse to try? If you think this article is inspiring for you or your relatives and friends, remember to like and share it!

Author: Long before the wild waves

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