What is SEO and how to get article content


What is SEO? Simply put, it is a process of using technical means to obtain free and accurate traffic from the natural ranking of search engines. More strictly speaking, search engine optimization refers to adjusting and optimizing the website according to the natural ranking rules of search engines. The internal and external aspects of the website make the website more in line with the ranking rules of the search engine. The website ranks before the keywords, so as to obtain free and accurate traffic optimization technology. From the definition point of view, it is easy to understand the meaning of search engine optimization, but in actual combat. It is easy to be confused. There are a lot of search engine optimization knowledge on the Internet, such as many search engine optimization forums, seo search engine optimization blogs and search engine optimization training institutions, but after you read these search engine optimization, you are still very confused. In fact, SEO from several optimization steps, we will analyze what is SEO, maybe it should be clearer for you to understand SEO.

Keyword search engine optimization analysis

Search engine optimization is actually doing keyword ranking optimization. In the early stage of keyword optimization, it is necessary to optimize and analyze the difficulties of keyword optimization. Several methods of keyword analysis include keyword competition analysis and keyword web pages. Collection analysis, number analysis of bidding ranking sites, keyword index analysis, keyword seo optimization business value analysis, competitor network analysis, etc. No matter what we do, the first step is to investigate and analyze whether it is appropriate and how difficult it is.

Search engine optimization of website structure

Website optimization is first of all the search engine optimization of the website structure. The website structure is clear. Generally speaking, the tree structure is more suitable for search engines. How does the website link help search engines to crawl, how the webpage is suitable for users to browse, and how to do it to meet the search Engine rules and user experience are all internal optimizations of search engine optimization, which can be completed by technical personnel.

Search engine optimization of website pages

The website’s internal fast ranking page optimization is to write an article in simple English. As long as you have attended junior high school, you can write an article. Writing an article on the website is the same as writing an essay. The only difference is that the composition The first line is directly indented by two words according to the requirements of the school, and the paragraph is clear. In addition, the optimization of the article page on the website should also pay attention to the appearance of keywords and the use of tags. In addition to the optimization of the article page, there are other optimizations. According to the search algorithm, as well as the pivot value and authority value statement, when you study search engine optimization more deeply, you can study related search engine algorithms.

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