What is the use of Youtube brand channel?

If you want to create a Youtube channel, no matter what type of YouTube channel you create, you need a Google account. The registration of a Google account is simple and not much to say!

When you have a Google account and enter YouTube's official website, he will first prompt you to use your Google account to log in to the YouTube platform! You have entered the YouTube platform at this time, but it does not mean that you already have the right to upload videos on this platform. If you want to upload videos, favorite videos, like, and like behaviors, you must create your own Channels, there are two types of channels, one is a personal channel, and the other is a brand channel.

When creating a brand channel, it will prompt "Use company name or other name". After the brand account is created, the brand channel has also been created at this time, but the brand account refers to the name of the brand channel, so why do you need to distinguish it? What about brand accounts and brand channels? That's because when you delete a brand channel, in fact his brand account still exists. If you want to delete the brand account together, then you need to go to the Google account center, data and personalization - go to the google information center - -Delete the brand account

The advantage of the Youtube brand channel is that the brand account can add other Google accounts to manage this channel together, which means that other people can upload videos to the brand channel by logging in to their own Google account, of course, if you need to add them to Administrator, this is if you register in the name of a company, you can act as a shopkeeper, and you can recruit individuals to manage and operate this account.

What is the use of Youtube brand channel? Most social media platforms have special rules for brands to create corporate accounts. It can help brands create a unique online image to represent their identity and culture. In addition, it makes it easy for the target audience to find them. Similarly, most companies have the same purpose of establishing a YouTube brand account. It can help you create a separate channel for your business and establish a brand image.

Youtube brand channel can highlight company values ​​to introduce the brand to users. It is also a good idea to use keywords related to your business. Not only can they help you clearly communicate your business mission, but they can also increase your chances of being spotted on YouTube.

Similarly, adding a company email address can help users easily contact you. Open communication channels can greatly promote your relationship with customers. Adding your location ensures that local customers can easily find you. These details can help you build a YouTube image.

With featured channels, you can direct users to any other YouTube channels you manage. In addition, you can highlight all YouTube channels that are connected to you.

You can also customize the YouTube slogan and channel icon according to the brand. Please note that the standard size for banners is 2560 x 1140 and the standard size for icons is 800 x 800. Having a YouTube slogan and channel icon can increase your brand's promotion and make your brand look more credible.

In short, creating a Youtube brand channel can convey information to the outside world very well. If it is a company, then the company has this need. All channels cannot be ignored because the company needs a market.

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