8 top foreign marketing forums must know

 Here to share, 8 major marketing forum websites that are still the most worth visiting

1. Warriorforum

This forum is the most well-known marketing forum, the largest online marketing community in the world.

It was founded in 1997 by a person named Clifton Allen and is headquartered in Sydney. It is very old. The content of the forum includes digital marketing, growth hacking, advertising alliances, etc. Whether for novices or veterans, there are still many high-quality posts in the forum for learning.

2. Blackhatworld

It can be seen from the name that the important content of this forum is blackhat, which discusses black hat SEO. The most well-known SEO forum. The forum not only focuses on black hat marketing practices, but also has content related to white hat SEO. The users of the Black Hat Forum mainly come from the United States, India, China and Canada.

3. Affiliatefix

Founded in 2011, a forum suitable for novices. The most active online affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing) community, advertising exchange community.

Affiliatefix is ​​a marketing forum focusing on different traffic sources and traffic monetization. There are chapters on free traffic acquisition methods, paid traffic methods, tools, resources, and case studies.

4. Trafficplanet

Traffic Planet mainly discusses SEO, conversion rate, and traffic monetization. Compared with Warriorforum and Blackhatworld, the scale is slightly smaller. Members of the forum will be more familiar with each other.

5. WickedFire

Wicked Fire Forum was founded in 2006 and is a marketing website forum. The website provides information on search engine optimization, web design, website development, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing strategies and more. Some people say that the people at the Warriors Forum and Digital Point are very polite and abide by the rules, because they are full of shoppers. They always want to sell you e-books, some useless SEM tools. The Wicked Fire forum is different, everyone is not so polite, because they don't want to sell you things, but are really in various skills. Although there are not many members in this forum, the average annual income of each member is likely to be much higher than other places.

6. Digital Point

Digital Point Forum is mainly a forum that provides SEO, marketing, web design and other content. In addition, a platform for various transactions between webmasters is provided. Similar to various domestic webmaster trading platforms.

In addition, seochat and webmasterWorld are also good trading forums.

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