Google Adsense failed reason analysis

 Google Adsense failed reason analysis

Many websites still rely on advertising to generate revenue. Most websites cannot directly obtain advertising orders because of low traffic and low popularity. They can only rely on some advertising alliances to obtain advertising and advertising sharing. As we all know, Google Adsense is the most popular among webmasters among all advertising networks. The reason is simple, because it is creditworthy and the unit price is high.

However, many webmasters feedback that Google AdSense has become more and more difficult to apply. In fact, Google’s biggest source of income is advertising, and Adsense is its important distribution channel, so it’s just that Google AdSense is very cautious, most of which are inferior. When the website or Google AdSense cannot judge the value of the website, the application will be rejected.

What is the website value understood by Adsense

1. Content quality: Only the content of a website can attract visitors for a long time. Everyone knows this truth. In the era of Internet content explosion or even surplus, it has long been not N years ago. Just put some articles on it and someone will visit it. The website is valuable, must have high-quality content and cannot be similar to other websites.

2. Stability: For Adsense, it manages a huge number of website alliances. Although the official figures have not been announced, as the world's largest advertising alliance, this number must be terrifying. There must be quite a lot of websites that apply for Google AdSense every day. Which websites can continue to develop and which websites are short-lived. This must be a concern for Google AdSense. In addition, as a website, if there are frequent intermittent interruptions, it also affects its value.

3. Interface and performance: Disorganized layout or outdated WEB technology will affect the user experience, at least Google AdSense will think this is not a high-quality website/webpage. It is inevitable for current websites to apply for Google AdSense to adopt responsive design. If it is a blog or a small information website, WordPress is highly recommended.

4. Identity and brand: This concept is not mentioned officially, but the facts exist. The websites of well-known companies are definitely better than personal websites. Excellent domain names will be better. In addition, if you are a Chinese webmaster than It is a little harder to obtain approval in other regions (the reason will not be explained in detail).

How to pass Adsense review

We have listed the factors that will affect the value of the website, so as long as these aspects are optimized, you can successfully pass the Google AdSense review.

1. Website content quality optimization

The first thing that must be said is originality. Many webmasters will enrich the website content through collection. If this approach was possible about 10 years ago, Google is a search engine. It is basically unrealistic to collect content from it. Now it is even domestic. Baidu also effectively screens collections and originals through continuous upgrade of algorithms.

However, some webmasters found that even though they were not collected, they were rejected by Google AdSense and prompted to add original content. Why? If you post the same article on the website and other self-media platforms at the same time, Google cannot tell who is the original and who is the copy. Especially when your website is a new website and the weight is not enough, it will consider the higher weight of the self-media platform. The article is original, and you think the one on your website is plagiarism. It is recommended not to post the same article on the self-media and website, and post different original content separately. If you must post the same content, you can post it on the website first, and then post the same content on other self-media platforms after some time (for example, a few hours or days).

There are some exclusive content, which is the real high-quality content. In other words, relevant content cannot be found on search engines, but there is on your website, which is truly high-quality content. The official description is: unique and interesting content.

2. Stability optimization

The stability we are talking about here does not only refer to the accessibility and stability of the server, but the continuous update of the website content, the length of time the website domain name is registered, etc. After all, a website that is not updated for a month or two, or a website with very little updated content, will not make people think that this is a website that can be developed for a long time. In addition, the domain name registration time is also an important factor. Just like a newly established company, no large company is willing to cooperate with it for a long time, because it is not clear how long this new company can be opened.

3. Optimized the interface and performance of the webpage

H5, responsiveness, etc., are now the standard configuration of WEB sites. In addition, the layout of the web page must highlight the content, instead of making visitors confused and finding valuable things. Of course, performance is also an important indicator. If the page loading time is too long, no one will care. It is recommended that the average page load time is within 1-2 seconds (Want site optimization?).

If you want to apply for Google AdSense, it is recommended not to place other advertisements during the application period, especially some inferior advertisements. At least Google AdSense thinks that the ad quality of other ad networks is not high, and Mingchuang Network feels the same.

4. Identity and brand issues

This problem is really difficult to solve for personal websites, but if you have friends in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao or overseas, you can ask them to help apply and collect payments on your behalf. Applications in these areas are very easy to pass.

However, as long as the first three points are well done, this problem is actually not big, and there are still many mainland webmasters who have been approved.

Finally, good luck to everyone~ If you have any other questions, please leave a message to discuss.

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