Google Blogger writes a blog, turn your favorite things into your career

Maybe you will think that the blog is popular for many years. It is no longer a young generation. It is only to record the little things you live, or just a photo of your photo. But in fact, it has been starting many years ago, there is already a big bunch of people to make the first bucket of gold in the blog. Ok, many people just earn dinner tonight. But no matter how much money is made, what is better than the one while doing your favorite? This article introduces a free blog writing platform and can earn an income method.

Open your first blog

As long as you are willing to step on the first step, your life may already have a lot of changes, everything can start from the simplest step. To open a blog unless you have a big ambition, you don't need the first day to buy a domain name, set a website in WordPress, if this is not understanding what domain name, what is WordPress? Not important, first start from free! When you decide to learn this more far from this area:

Practical methods on how to build your own independent website

Google Blogger is one of the free tribe platforms, and this platform may make the authors placed ads on their own tribes to earn income.

Just simply move your fingers, you can register your first tribe website with everyone, you don't need any web writing programs, what is the point of seeing the screen.

After the application is completed, you can already start writing your first tribe!

Interest is very important, but money is also very important!

The blog has, how does the money earn? When you are still unknown, of course, there is no company to find you. But in fact, there are many advertising platform on the Internet, allowing you to put some program code on your own website, you can start to put an advertisement on the website immediately. For example, you now see all ads of this page are automatically generated by these advertising platform programs. If you have to deal with, you can find a location in your website. The content will be automatically delivered by the browser's habits.

What is Google Adsense ?

If you have a careful look, you will see a project called "Revenue" on the left column, and you will see the application link of Google Adsense. If you don't see this, don't matter, because you see or see if you are now, you will not apply success, in your network content, traffic, and some of you never know, there will be compared High opportunity to apply to Google Adsense.

Make money principle

These advertisements are sentenced to the number of times, 2. Click on two ways to calculate the multiplication, so when you have a more view, the number of times that appears in the page is of course, this The more the number of demonstrations, the more you have to click the number of advertisements, and the income is from this. And a click-by-multiplication can be said to be equal to hundreds or even a thousand display, of course, this price is floating, and there are many details that affect the price.

Increase advertising income tips

Place your advertisement in a high blog, make sure you will see the advertisement.

Place the upper limit of the advertising, up to one set of direct versions, intra, and horizontal campaigns per page, and each group can display three ads, and Google Adsense is more automatically set. Of course too many advertisements may make readers feel uncomfortable, and they can decide the balanced point. I am sorry, this server does not pay attention to the reader, and placed the Google Adsense's advertising ceiling!

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